Jinal Jain

Mahima Doshi

Anour is a Bath & Body essentials’ brand.We, Jinal Jain & Mahima Doshi, started our entrepreneurial journey in April 2018. We have been best friends since college and always dreamt of executing a B-plan together; can’t believe we actually did that!
For us, the entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a cake walk. We didn’t have any family member or friend related to this industry and started from scratch. But we knew business was in our blood and had a strong desire to be an independent.
In our patriarchal society, we have had our experiences with the same. While we met new people for our business, they would very frequently ask us ‘where is your boss’? In the conversation through mails, people would always address us as Sir and we couldn’t understand the reason why they always assumed it would be a male making the decisions (ultimate decision maker should be a male and not a female.) But with the changing times where women are emerging as extremely strong individuals and are even outshining men in a few fields, we are on our path to make our own mark in the entrepreneurial world. We want people to accept undoubtedly that women can be the decision makers and they have the power to achieve what they want and don’t need a male to confirm their decisions. 
Our story starts with our love for using Paraben, Sulphate & Cruelty Free products. Both of us are keen on exploring natural skin care products free of harmful chemicals. But, there aren’t many brands that offer such products. The ones that do, aren’t very pocket friendly. So, Anour gives its customer affordable natural/ organic skin care. We try to bring sme innovation on the table with our products, one of them being the Candle cum Body Butter. 
Even our packaging is free from plastic. It reflects our thoughts on wanting to save the environment and give it back to Mother Earth. 
Proudly made in India, Anour believes that ‘What You Put on Your Skin Is as important as what you eat’. Just as you eat food to nourish your body on the inside, we use the same food to nourish the skin on the outside.
Pamper your skin with Anour.Treat YourSelf. You deserve it!